Austin’s Hot Spots for your Dog

Austin is an extremely dog friendly city! Almost always you can take your fur baby along with you. Here are a few places that you will WANT to take your four legged friend with you.

Banger’s Sausage House:

They have great customer service for both human & your furry child! They have a fenced in dog park in the back which is amazing for the dogs! You’re dog will LOVE it. Plenty of cold water for the dogs on the hot days. They also have a specialty sausage made just for your dogs on the menu.

Doghouse Drinkery Dog Park:

The main park is ½ acre fenced in off leash area. They also have a separate area for small dogs (less than 30 pounds)/ They have multiple areas for dogs & their owners to hang out without using the off leash park areas. Dogs are always welcome in the bar area(s). The off leash dog park area is the only area that is membership only. Fees are $5.00 for a day entry per dog. Yearly membership is $75.00 a year. If you have more than one dog the cost of the yearly membership is an additional $5.00 per dog. They truly make you and your dogs feel at home here!

Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company:

Here they have a spacious backyard with plenty of lawn and chairs and shady spots! They have watering stations and individual bowls for your fur babies. You can enjoy a wide selection of brews they have & a bite to eat while your dog can enjoy some homemade dog treats.

Moontower Saloon:

Great South Austin spot for you and your four legged friend! Very chill & friendly hangout spot. Live music, volleyball & yummy food trailers to choose from. Good atmosphere and great people! Dogs must be on lease but still is a great spot to let your dog hang out with other dogs.

Austin Terrier:

They truly love your human babies as well as four legged “furry children” here! You can sit on the patio with your dog and enjoy a nice meal. They are of course called “Austin Terrier” with a bunch of Boston Terrier pictures inside. So amazing! Specially if you’re a crazy Boston Terrier mommy like me.

Draught House:

They offer brews & burgers in a dog friendly atmosphere! Has a great outdoor bar area to sit and hangout with a brew in your hand and your best four legged friend by your side.

Whip In:

Not the biggest porch area for you and your dog in the Austin area….but they opened a second outside bar, so you won’t have to leave your fur baby to refill your glass. Great food!

Buzz Mil:

A relaxing spot with enough bowls of water and picnic tables for you and your dog to have a nice relaxing evening.

Yard Bar: This place was built for bring your dog to the bar. Go check out thier website, and you will soon be planning a visit with your furry loved one.

Dog Parks in Austin

West Austin Dog Park

I adore this place! It’s easily one of my favorite dog parks in Austin! It’s a chill spot to take your fur baby. It’s a fenced in off leash dog park perfect for your dog. Most dogs & owners are very friendly. Tons of water bowls and some even leave their tennis balls to share with the others. I highly recommend coming here!

Norwood Estate Dog Park AKA Riverside Dog Park

This is another great dog park if you’re looking for a good dog park in Austin. I love that they have a spot for the small(er) dogs and then a part for bigger dogs. It’s really big off leash area so it’s amazing to get to see your babies be free there. Only cons about this place is that there’s not much seating for you to sit at but I mean why would you need to? Go have fun with your fur babies!! There’s also not much parking but you can usually find a spot. But overall love it here for my dog.

Red Bud Isle Park

It’s a great little off leash area for your dogs to enjoy themselves either it be running around catching sticks or enjoying the water! It’s great scenery for us humans as well. Pretty friendly people and dogs! Only con about it is that the parking kind of just sucks. Try to get there earlier on the weekends if you can.

Bull Creek District Park

Great for your fur babies to run around and splash in the water! I honestly think that it’s not an “off leash” area but I think most the people here don’t follow that rule. (continue at your own risk) It’s def. a good fun and adventurous spot to take your dog on.

Round Rock Dog Depot-

Pretty good size place to have your dogs run around and enjoy themselves. Great people and good dogs. There’s also a basketball court and baseball field on the other for your kids/ family to go play.

Dog Boutiques in Austin
Bark ‘N Purr Center-

I love this place! They have an amazing selection of everything your dog wants – Treats, Toys & Food! The workers here truly know what they are talking about. Very knowledgeable. Every time you come here you will enjoy your experience and be excited to come back!

Lofty Dog:

I love going here because the staff is amazing and very friendly! They have a good variety of goodies for your fur baby. Not to mention great prices! I would def. recommend coming here for whatever your dog needs are.

Healthy Pet:

The employees here at Healthy Pet are amazing! They greet you once your arrive. It’s a cute little unique place with a good variety of stuff for your dog. They have a good healthier section for your dogs as well.

Groovy Dog Bakery:

I completely love this spot! I get my fur babies goodies for his birthday here. They are amazing and very knowledgeable. The cakes and treats always turn out amazing! Plus they have a good variety of treats. Very affordable for gourmet treats for your fur baby!

Bentley’s Biscuits & Bones-

This is another one of my favorites! I get my fur babies cake for his Birthday done here. Last year was my first time and it turned out amazing and it was a big hit with all the doggies that attended his party. The employees here are very friendly as well. Makes it a nice place to want to come back too. They have an amazing selection of baked goods for your four legged friend.

Pet Friendly Events in Austin

Austin Pet Expo:

Family & pet friendly! It’s a great event to see all the different vendors and brands of dog related things. Tons of free samples for your furry little friend. As well as plenty of dogs to mingle with! Friendly and amazing vendors. In previous years Shorty from Pit Boss has made his appearance.


-Check their website for more information-

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