Dart Bowl

The city of Austin has changed so much in just over the last eight years. It is starting to get bigger, more congested, and unfortunately a little less weird. People who have lived here for decades will tell me stories about how great Austin used to be. One of the places they mention is Dart Bowl. I know what you are thinking, it is a just a bowling alley, what gives? Well for one, it is truly an Austin originally, second have you not seen The Big Lebowski? Bowling is a great way to pass the time and this places offers more than just bowling.

The great thing about Dart Bowl is that is found on a side street, just a tad past downtown Austin. You really have to know its there. The facade is old school and the lanes are nicely kept. Games are not too expensive and they have a full service bar (White Russians!) and people that have worked their for decades. However the biggest reason to stop by Dart Bowl is the food. People have always told me that despite the fact that it is a bowling alley, they have some of the best enchiladas in town. I for one really do not care for enchiladas, but in the name of science I went ahead ordered some. What I got was some of the best damn tasting food in the city, all while I was bowling. I would also recommend their chicken fried steak. The best kept secret though is, you have to make it during lunch time 12-2pm and order the hand made yeast rolls. Yes, they are hand made, they are just plain rolls, but they are so good they always run out when I really want them.

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