Formula 1 Race 2016 – ATX Stop

After several years of slipping attendance, F1 is now changing things up a bit and turning the race into a full blown family friendly festival. Hopefully the weather will also co-operate this year to get this amazing event back on track. Big music names like Taylor swift, Usher, and the roots have been brought in to bring out some new buzz.

After many complaints and issues with parking and transportation, race organizer have made an effort to make drastic improvements for F1 ATX 2016.

After the mud debacle from last year, All restrooms, concessions and loading zones will be on solid ground and mud free. 12,000 upgraded parking spots. Improved downtown shuttle with guaranteed wait time. If you wait longer than 55 minutes you will receive a refund. They have also added a new road with direct access to Highway 71.

In years past, there has been all sorts of cool booths and other activates in the downtown area, with more of a focus on non-race related actives at the track, it will be interested to see if this is still the case in 2016.

While attendance has slipped the past few years, F1 has still been a great ATX event each year. The city fills with high profile visitors from around the world. Filling the streets and bars with parties, and the air ways with helicopter taking the super rich to the races.

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