HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Austin, Tx is known for it’s “weirdness”. One of my favorite places to go to would be Baylor Street Graffiti Park, also known as HOPE Outdoor Gallery. It’s truly the definition of “Keep Austin Weird”. It’s the perfect place to stop by to see the most creative graffiti artist in Austin. Even artist from around the world will stop by here to add a little mark on the infamous wall. The living art exhibit where you can go to see art for free as well as being made is perfect for any Austinite or tourist.

The cool thing about HOPE Outdoor Gallery is that it’s always different. You can go practically every week and you’ll see a couple new things. There’s also times where they completely wipe out the whole entire walls for a fresh new start.

One of the other perks to the spot is that is has amazing Austin downtown skyline. Just head to the top and see what I’m talking about. The whole place is amazing spot to take pictures at. Any day you will see a handful of people exploring the wall, taking pictures, or creating art. The weekends is when it’s most packed.

Couple things to keep in mind is the shoes your going to wear. If you want to actually climb up and see all the wall has to offer be sure to wear some nice comfortable shoes that you can basically hike it. It can be muddy and quite a few areas where it’s hard to climb at. Having the right gear will save you from craziness. Depending on when your planning on going make sure to not forget that there is not much parking. You might have to walk a little bit to get there but trust me when I say it’s worth it. Theres plenty of small streets that you can park on that are not to far.

Because HOPE Outdoor Gallery changes continuously it deserves a couple visits here and there. Next time the weather is amazing or you have a friend in town be sure to visit the HOPE Outdoor Gallery

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