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The Blanton Fine Art Museum

I’ve been an avid museum buff most of my life, and am embarrassed to admit that it took me 10 years to visit Austin’s premier Fine art museum. What makes this story even more sad is that I worked on UT campus about 500 yards away from the museum for 5 years, but my boss liked to eat lunch at the gift shop, so maybe that’s why I was avoiding it. It’s a first class museum.

The Art

The Blanton offers a compelling blend of ancient and modern artworks from a wide range of genres. While not exclusively Texas-centric or focused on the Southwest region, the museum does incorporate some elements that pay homage to the local culture. This fusion creates a refreshing and diverse experience for art enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

What sets The Blanton apart is not only its exceptional collection but also the grandeur of its architecture. The staircase and building of the main gallery themselves are stunning works of art. Unlike some fine art museums, The Blanton manages to combine aesthetic appeal with a rich assortment of masterpieces. Exploring the entire museum can easily take a couple of hours, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the world of art.

The weird church like building

Adjacent to the main gallery, there is a peculiar white building that demands attention. We only had about 5 min to visit the white building outside the main gallery. It’s a little odd but worth about 5 min of your time. It’s more about the building than the extremely minimalist pieces that are displayed in it. 


Given its location on the UT campus, finding parking near The Blanton can be a challenge. However, if you plan your visit on weekends or during school breaks, street parking just a block away becomes relatively easier to find. Additionally, there are parking garages available, but parking garages on UT campus can sometimes be a difficult experience.