Austin Arcades

Austin Arcades

Austin has a wide variety of really nice arcades, with many of these gamer destinations catering to more of an adult crowd. A few offer fun for the entire family. There is a wide  variety of entertainment establishments that provide different activities besides just arcades, including ranging from:

  • Go carts
  • Water parks
  • Zip lines
  • Bars and Quality Food
  • Pizza Buffets
  • Rides for little ones
  • Laser Tag
  • Rock Walls
  • Pool and Darts
  • Ax Throwing
  • Other cool fun stuff

Austin Park

Austin Park on 1-35 in North Austin is the classic fun center that has just about everything on our list, and some really over the top arcade games. This is also one of the best places to play Laser Tag, and that a big hit with our family.

They also have go carts, a full bar, a nice mini golf course, and sometimes the batting cages are up and running. The batting cages are a huge win for the adults. There are a lot of arcades in Austin, and this is one of the best.

Main Event

The entire complex is indoors, and they have a nice bowling allied, a nice bar, and decent set of arcades, and a nice rock wall. The food and bar area are nicer that Austin Park, it’s more of an adult place, but the arcades are not as over the top, and go karts, and no batting cages. It’s located in NW Austin.

Dave and Busters

The big national chain of arcades. Good food, great video games, and a really nice bar. The D&B for the Austin is located at 183 and Mopac. It sports one of the nicest set of large video games like car racing, large shooter games, ski ball, and tickets for prizes. They also have a large TV’s area for watching spots, slugging beers, and feasting on wings.


There are 3 locations with a variety of options of arcades, go carts, booze, and other fun game stuff. The original is more of an arcade and is BYOB, the other 2 are bigger with a variety of other activities including VR and Go Karts and an escape room. Check their website for activities at each location.

Kung Fu Salon

There a few of these around Texas. It’s no place for the Kids. It’s a bar with video games. It’s a cool place to go for drinks with your buddies.

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A somewhat new video game adult fun house chain that has opened a location is Austin. Theirclaim to fame is giant 16 person fooze ball that is great for corporate events and team building. They also have laser tag, bowling, adult size bumper cars, and of course arcades.

$10 all you can play. Lots of cool arcades, nice food, and quality adult bar scene. 

atx video games

Recess Arcade Bar

Recess is located on dearth 6th street in the heart on the NW corner of San Jack. It’s a lively downtown bar, with wall to wall video games. Probably not a place a to take the under 21 crowd. 

Arcade UFO is Austin’s premier Japanese-style Game Center. Fighting and Music Games are our specialty. The offer the newest and most interesting arcade titles imported from Japan and Korea, and few classics from these gaming genera. We have not been to this one yet, but my money is on “No Bar” 🙁

Blaser Tag

The closet place to play laser tag to our home base. It’s a small arcade targeted to the young kid crowd, but a cool place for the little ones. Yes the food is terrible and there are no adult beverages. 

Gatti’s Town South Park Meadows

The flagship of the local pizza buffet chain, this Gatteys is a paradise of video games, bumper cars, and a few other large arcades, ski ball, tickets and prizes. Its great for kids up to about 10 years of age.


The New Fancy Resort in Round Rock has an impressive web page for their arcade room at the water park. They also have other cool stuff besides a massive indoor water park, hotel, and business conference center. The arcade room is a little expensive just to enter the door, $50 plus extra for laser tag and some of the other cooler rides. You can get both the arcade room, a water park pass, and a 2 bedroom suite with 5 guests for $600 a night on the weekends, and $400 on the weekdays. That kinda looks like the way to go.

Hard Core Laser Tag

This place doesn’t have video games, but it does have some over the top laser tag and combat archery located on a good size compound. The kids were already a no on mini tank paintball battles, so I’m not sure I’m going to talk them into this one.

What is the Best place in Austin for Ski Ball?

  • Dave and Busters
  • Main Event
  • Blazer Tag

What is the Best place in Austin for Laser Tag?

  • Main Event
  • Austin Park
  • Blazer Tag

What is the Best place in Austin for Mini Golf?

  • Peter Pan
  • Austin Park
  • Main Event

What are the best Arcades in Austin Texas?

  • Austin Park
  • Dave and Busters
  • Pinballz
Best arcades in Austin Texas

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