Austin’s Moontower Comedy Festival 

One of our favorite new fun things in Austin is the explosion of the standup Comedy scene that has grown over the past few years. Last year was our first time to catch a few shows of the two week comedy fest that is held at multiple venues. You can buy a badge and hit a plethora of shows or buy single act tickets at very reasonable prices. One other cool part about Austin’s Moontower Comedy Festival is many of the show have late start times so you can some much needed entertainment after 10:00.

The Paramount Theater on Congress is one of our favorite venus and a showcase destination of the festival.  Some of the acts you can catch here include:

Chris Distefano
Chelcie Lynn
Nimesh Patel
Giggly Squad
Seth Meyers

Returning to headline the Stateside Theatre are Brad Wiliams, Maria Bamford, Robert Kelly, and Preacher Lawson, most known from his turn on America’s Got Talent, as well as a fest debut by Kenny Sebastian, who rose to prominence on YouTube before releasing specials on Amazon Prime and Netflix. Rounding out the Stateside headliners is Mexico City’s Carlos Ballarta, who will perform two intimate shows in Spanish as the festival continues to grow their Spanish language programming.