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Austin FREE WEEK 2022

What is Free Week in Austin? The week before all the UT kids come back to school, the local music venues in downtown Austin open there doors for free shows. It’s typical held the first week of the year during on the slowest tourisms times of the year. It’s a great way for the locals to enjoy the music scene on a low budget without the big crowds. It’s going to be a cold one in 2020. So bundle up and grab an Uber ride to Red River and 6th street for some awesome free music.

January 2 – 12

  • Hotel Vegas
  • Alamo Draft House
  • Empire Control Room
  • Mohawk
  • The Parish
  • Cheer up Charlies
  • Barracuda
  • The Far Out Lounge and Stage

Austin has been hosting a “Free Week” since 2003. If your anxious for SXSW this is the perfect time event to attend to hold you until SXSW. The best thing about the whole event is that it’s FREE. This events run January 1st through the 10th.

It brings in the New Year by featuring popular local bands. Every year thousands of people come out to experience the 150+ bands that are performing. It’s an amazing way for venues to support and showcase local artists to new crowds.

It’s an amazing experience to see what is going on and what bands are good. Plus its a good way to network especially for musicians.

Austin’s Free Week benefits not only the Austinites and people who come into town around this time, but also the artists and the bar / venues.

Come out an enjoy this fun & free event in Austin!

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