Cover 3

One day I want to own a bar. Since I am a sports guy, it would have to have all the sports television packages and tons of huge high definition televisions. I also like high fashion, so I would want my place to have a fancy modern look to it. Sometimes I like to eat when I drink, in my bar the food would be way above the standard bar food fare, and not too expensive. Well, sadly, yet gladly, some people are already beat me to my idea and created Cover 3, which is a luxury sports bar.

Right off the bat, one can tell that with a name like Cover 3 it is aimed towards the more sports going crowd (Cover 3 is a defensive football formation just in case you did not know). Once inside Cover 3 you are met with a plush luxury interior. There are numerous televisions to choose to watch from, with plentiful seating. For big games they open up their upstairs area where they have more televisions and you can sit on their couches. Their bar is elegant and the quality of booze that is offered, both beer and spirits, is far above what I would normally find at most sports bar.s The food found here is one of the best kept secrets in town. While they do serve that standard bar fare like hamburgers and other fried morsels, their quality is prepared, presented, and taste amazing. They also offer up quality full course meals that you would expect to find only in high end restaurants. Make sure to save room for desert because most of them are made from scratch by the in house chef.

The best part is you can totally get away with taking a date to Cover 3. It is that nice of a place, but has everything that a sports fan could want with great food and drinks. They have a wonderful outdoor patio where you can find many people watching the big game outside. One more thing, be sure to hit up happy hour. While the drinks are always good, for the quality of the food you can not beat the prices during that time.

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