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Football 2020

I was so happy to watch the first Football Game of the year, I fired up my laptop and wrote a long article about my predictions for the season like I do most years. In a typical year there is pre-season in the NFL, and a known schedule in College. Not of that this year.


My first prediction for the year was a Super Bowl repeat of the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. A Super Bowl rematch is rare, it’s been over 20 years since the Cowboys and Bills played in back to back Super Bowls. It doesn’t look like it going to happen this year after San Francisco suffered too many injuries. It been fun winning money betting on the Chiefs so far. It hasn’t been any fun at all loading my fantasy team up with the Cowboys offense. After an incredible start, Dak Prescott is out for the season. The first game of the Andy Dalton led Cowboys was a ridiculous disaster. Not all is lost for the boys, at 2-4 they sit alone in first place in their sad excuse for a division. The biggest surprise so far has been the Steelers, who are undefeated and look like the team to beat. Their new rookie receiver Chase Claypool is quickly becoming a super star. In the NFC the Packers, Seahawks, and Bears have looked good. The Saints, Bucks, Rams, and Cardinals all might have a chance to make a playoff run.

Clemson vs the Field

Can anybody challenge Clemson in the ACC? Miami was supposed to be a challenger and they lost 41-23 and it wasn’t that close. They followed that up with a 73-7 hammering of an average Georgia Tech team. Notre Dame is officially an ACC team this year, and the only team that has a prayer against the mighty Tigers. The only team I think has a legit shot at keeping them from winning it all is Alabama. Even the Crimson Tide don’t look like they can play with Clemson so far this year. It’s still somewhat early in the season and a few injuries can change a team quickly. It’s also 2020 and something crazy stupid will probably happen. I put money on Clemson against the field at 2-1.


The biggest game of the year has already taken place with Alabama defeating Georgia in a shootout. It was just a matter of time before the pass happy new brand of football made it’s way into the SEC. 2020 seems like a fitting year to make this happen. LSU has fallen out of the top 25 and looked bad so far. They lost too many players and coaches to contend this year. It has been obvious that the lack of practice time has really hurt the teams that were in a rebuilding year. LSU and OU being the glaring examples. Texas A&M has looked decent, but has already lost to Alabama. Georgia most likely will get a second shot at the Crimson tide in the Conference title game if they can beat Florida. I’m rooting against the Gators after the jackass head coach tried to get his home stadium packed to full capacity after his loss at A&M. The SEC is Bama’s to lose this year.


All the pundits were thinking this is the year for the Longhorns, I think the only prediction of mine that might come true from week 1 is picking the OSU Cowboys to win the Big XII. I’m shocked at how bad OU and Texas have been. OU is a young team in somewhat of a rebuilding year. They also have had to deal with key players opting out and suspensions. They might be able to turn it around when they their best defensive player and running back in the lineup next week. Two early conference losses will make it tough for them to claim a spot in the conference title game. Texas has no excuse. They had an experienced and talented team with a Sam Elinger starting his 4th year at quarterback. The only reasons Herman might keep his job is because of COVID. Can any team in the BIG XII make a serious run at the playoffs? It’s 2020 and anything can happen, but the entire league looks several out gunned by the likes of Clemson and Alabama. If the Cowboys run the table they will get their shot.

Big Ten and Pac 12

Ohio State has been the domain force in the playoff picture out of the traditional Rose Bowl conferences that past 10 years. Oregon, Michigan State, and Washington have each made one playoff appearance. USC has shown some life in rebuilding their program, but can’t seem to every make a serious run. Wisconsin typical is a very good team, but never a great team. The other two blue blood programs Michigan and Penn St. have been disappointing for a long time. I found it comical Nebraska got all huffy when they first canceled the season, considering they have not won a conference title in over 20 years. With more games getting canceled and both leagues getting such a late start, it’s hard to see either team playing enough games to guarantee a spot in the playoffs. The Big 12 being so bad certainly helps. A Pac 12 team probably needs to go undefeated to make the final 4.