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Mardi Gras 2021

So if you thought Gras 2020 sucked, then you probably had some pretty low bar expectations for 2021. Surprise Suspire, winter is coming. It came with a mother nature vengeance the likes the southern plains of the US has not seen in 70 years. As the old saying goes, there is nothing between the artic and Dallas except barbwire.

Austin normally sees only the very tail end of the storm, but this year some serious snow and the single digit temperatures hit Austin,  Houston and Gulf coast of Texas for the first time since th3e 50’s.

I found out the hardware, 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s are real wheel drive and like crap in the snow. At least I found it out a mile from my house. Unfortunately, our Gold 350 4×4 has been at the shop for months.

For a while now, I have blogged about the Texas Hill County, and settled down on a nice little Texas Hill of my own in SW Austin.  My hill is so special they have a little park and historical exhibit to education the young ones. Convict Hill.

In the 1880’s the Texas state Capital was partial built from stones quarried out of Convict Hill using inmate labor. Today there is a small greenbelt park in the middle of the hill with a few visible query cuts, a few short trails, and an informational display. It’s one of many cool green spaces located in the Oak Hill area of Soutwest Austin.

Skiing down Convict Hill was one of those things that didn’t really live up to expectations, neither did our sledding attempts on the Pinnacle Campus of ACC (Austin Community College). We did get to discover a nice view of downtown ATX.

We were left to build snowmen to restore our fun blogging glory. The snow will stay for a few more days, so plenty of extravagant snowmen are a real possibility

Better Places to Ski in Austin the next time this happens. Eastbound 2222 from Vandergiff High School is the place to be the next time power dumps on Austin. After watching Youtube videos and thinking about it, that’s the steepest and biggest hill I know about it in these parts.

Did Spider Mountina have skiing? Hopefully someday so we can ask.

New Orleans Shut down the Gras. The mayor what having non of it. French Quarter was on total lockdown. No bars selling booze, popular block and party gathering spots were barricaded up. Widespread Defconn 1 fun hating in the Big Easy for the first time since Katrina. Over like Range Rovers being cool.