Cool Pet in Austin

Rainey Street

The newest addition to the going out scene in Austin, Texas has been Rainy Street. It is also probably one of the most unique places to venture out to. Remember those days in high school where you would wait for somebody’s parents to go out of town so you could have a party at their house? Eventually everything would fall into place and you make your way to the house to find it full of drinking games, women, drinks, and bumping music. That is what Rainy Street is like on its busy nights.

Rainy Street is literately an old neighborhood of houses converted into drinking establishments. It is like going that high school house party, except you have a choice of which houses to go to, and everyone (well mostly) is of age to drink. While most places have a defacto crowd set, Rainy Street is really one of the few places I have been where the crowd is extremely diverse. I have seen everyone from hipsters to those of the LGBT crowd and it is always a good time. The Lustre Pearl, Clive Bar, and The White House are the standouts of the Rainy Street bar culture. Each of one of them serves up a plentiful helping of the BBP: bar, booze, and patio. It really is like having house party every time I head there with a bunch of new friends I have not met yet.

Just a word to the wise. Parking near Rainey Street can be a difficult endeavor. If going with friends I would suggest either taking just one car or better yet, an Uber. As always, you have your friendly neighborhood pedicab to give you a lift and a unique view of Austin.

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