Soccer Bars

For many sports fans in the United States, trying to enjoy the game of soccer is like pulling teeth. They find the game’s pace excruciating boring, the fact there can be ties idiotic, and the players flopping…well I just will not repeat most of the words I hear about that. The concept of soccer is very simple to follow, kick the ball into the net and you can not use your hands. However, the beautiful game (a soccer idiom) may be simplistic but there is a lot more going on that the untrained eye does not see.

Soccer is a fantastic game and I think the best thing to do for a newcomer is to experience the soccer fan culture. Soccer is one of those sports were the viewing atmosphere is essential to the match. If you like to drink, sing songs, meet new people, drink, watch sports, eat, and drink, then you need to pick a team a start watching soccer. Austin just happens to be a great place for soccer viewing and here is a little list of teams with fan clubs and the places go to be with other fans:

Cuaturos- Located on 24th and Rio Grande, it is the official home for the American Outlaws, one of the biggest support clubs of United States National Team soccer. It usually easier to root for your country (US fans at least) when first starting to enjoy the game of soccer and this is the best place for that. Along with the American Outlaws, fans of the Premier League side Chelsea hold court here. With their Cuatro-tron they can hold the most fans.

Mr. Tramps Sports Pub and Cafe- This is the home of the official Tottenham Hotspur supporters. They get together and watch every match in the beautiful viewing room that has wall sized HD projector screens. They are awesome fans and love to invite new people. Also, if you happen to be a fan of Scotland they are a huge Scotland National Team bar. Soccer rules everything at this bar that has pleasant food and beer.

Fado Irisih Pub- This is where I learned to love the game. My friends took me here to watch a Champions League Final way back in 2005. It was packed, we had to stand, the place was divided by opposing fans, it was probably the best atmosphere I ever seen at a bar for a sporting event here in Austin. I know it is a chain, but Manchester United, Bayner Munich, Liverpool, and even us Manchester City fans can be found here on match day. You get the true European flavor of the beautiful game at this place. I would highly recommend going through the trouble to watch the most important (World Cup, Euro Cup, Champions League Final, derbies, etc.) matches here.

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