Austin Kite Fest

Spring Break in Austin 2021

The decision to make SXSW virtualized for 2021 was made a long time ago, so there will not be a normal spring break festival season in Austin this year. Many of the other popular spring events have also been cancelled or gone virtual, but one event that will be back is the Kite Festival in Zilker park. Most of our staff’s kids are a little old for this now, but I still love it and am contemplating going despite the risk of attending an event with a large crowd. Zilker Park is big enough that there is some sort of social distancing that can occur and I’m going to be double masking with a KN-95 and cool looking cloth over-mask. I might even triple mask it with my 2 masks and the shield thing. The Dell Golf Tournament is fan-less, so we can’t go to that. Congo Drum fest seems to be a no-go, they still have 2020 info on their website. There is a race at Circuit of Americans with tickets available.

Austin is just one of many great places in the Texas Hill County region that provides locals and tourists an opportunity for a great time. It’s also the only real liberal, Donald trump hating, red speck of the blue map that in Texas. For those that either have their shot or just don’t care: drinking, festivals, live music, and fun of all kinds have been in full swing in the small tourism town west of Austin. We have made a handful of trips to the Hill Country over the past year. While it’s fun, it also makes me a little nervous. “Masking” is somewhere between a joke and something that is frowned upon. But it’s America, land of the free. You can check out all the Texas Hill County Spring Break event’s on another one of our Surf Websites:

For better and worse, the Governor of the State of Texas seems to be willing to be one of the first to open the fun house back up. He has announced that all Corona Virus restrictions including mask mandates and restaurant and bar capacity limitations will be lifted starting March 10.   Local officials will still have the option to impose their own restrictions, but with limitations. He did say that if hospitalization rates increase back to un-acceptable levels the restrictions will go back into place. With vaccine supply increasing, April and May might be the time festivals, events, and something that resembles a normal life starts to return. If and when it does, the world is going to party like its 1999.

Some of the more popular March events that have been canceled this year

Rodeo Austin
Blanton Block Party
St Patty’s Day