Enfield Drug


I have a soft spot for things that can be consider retro. I own a old record player and tons of vinyl because I like the look. One of my favorite movies is Back to the Future. I keep all of my old clothes, because I always await the day they will be in vouge again. The city of Austin is constantly changing, and sometimes it is not for the better. What was once a quirky little blue dot on a entire map of the state of Texas now has grown more sophisticated. There are condos, skyscrapers, and many changes to old Austin. That is just progress. However, there are some places where you can transport yourself to a much simpler Austin.

Nau’s Enfield Durg (Nau’s for short) is just that place. I know what you are thinking, why a pharmacy? It looks exactly like the type of local pharmacy you would see in The Wonder Years or The Sandlot. Nau’s harkens back to the days where the pharmacy was more than just a stop to pick up medicine. At Nau’s, old style toys (like those found in modern Crackle Barrels) can be found. They still sell comic books and magazines. Of course you can still pick up medicine. While that is all good, the real reason to stop by Nau’s is because of its diner.

The diner looks straight out of 1951. It has a long counter with stools that are bolted in. You can stop by for just coffee, but I would recommend getting one of their huge hamburgers. Nau’s food is good old fashion Americana in food and atmosphere. The coolest thing about Nau’s is that they still serve soda the old fashion way. Just like in the old days (way before I was born) they have a soda jerk, and they pump the soda flavor in your glass before adding the actual soda water. Their milkshakes are hearty and always mixed by hand. I could go on, but you need to go for yourself. Be warned the hours are weird, but it is okay to play hooky for a day and enjoy those child like moments. It is small, dated, but beautifully old Austin.

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